Add more to your shelves while adding less to landfills.

Made from used plastic materials or 100% recyclable, our two sustainable packaging options help you meet sustainability goals while attracting more eco-friendly shoppers—all while helping keep the planet a perfect place to grow grains.

Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging

  1. Made from processed, previously used plastic material

  1. Reduces the need for virgin plastic in single-use packaging

line art of packaging made with PCR

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Packaging Details

recycle icon

50% PCR
(current max PCR inclusion)

plus sign icon

Higher PCR options
when available

more sizes icon

Multiple package sizes available

dollar sign icon

Low cost impact

Recycle Ready Packaging

line art of recycle ready packaging
  1. Made of flexible polyethylene-based film

  1. 100% recyclable

  1. May require in-store drop off

Recycle-Ready Packaging Details

more sizes icon

Standard sizes available

dollar sign icon

Low cost impact

recycle icon

Great option for those already participating in the Recycle-Ready Film Program

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Benefits of PCR &
Recycle-Ready Packaging

  1. Helps you achieve your sustainability goals

  1. Keeps plastic waste out of landfills

  1. Makes a more positive impact on the environment

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