Grains, Elevated

We’re grain people, from stalk to seed. Being rooted in the center of wild rice country makes that pretty easy. But our dedication goes beyond the seasonal harvest. We choose grains from the most ideal growing climates across the world—from Italy to Peru to Southeast Asia and beyond. We create the type of perfected products that shoppers hunt for. This is more than a mission. It’s a fascination with making grains better, special, richer, impressive. In other words, elevated.

InHarvest Wild Rice

See how this ancient grain is flexible enough to enhance any application.

Intact Grains

Intact Grains diagram

When it comes to nutrition
the best whole grains come whole

Intact grains have three original parts (the bran, endosperm and germ), but one or two of these parts are often removed during processing. The result is a less-nutritious grain—something we’re less than enthusiastic about. So we keep most of our grains intact so that every end product, from application to dish, enjoy the benefits of great whole grain nourishment.

Cultivating Quality

Elevated Standards

Our quality control standards are some of the strictest and safest in the industry. Our facilities and packaging are GFSI (BRC) certified and our grains go through three testing and cleaning methods, including optical-infrared color sorting to ensure your grains are clean, unbroken and ready for development.

Bringing Flavor Back

Many of today’s modified grains have lost the unique flavors and nutritional profiles of past varieties. But through careful research and experimentation—along with cooperation with seed banks, growers and growing communities—we’ve been able to reproduce heirloom grains and all of their wonderful attributes.

For Every Last Grain

A single grain may seem negligible to some, but we know each one is as important as the rest. It’s this value that strengthens our relationships with growers. It’s this outlook that drives our personal investment into every variety. Because when just one bite can deliver an amazing taste, every last grain has to be the best. We’ll make sure of that.

Our Industries

InHarvest Foodservice

Foodservice Grains

From sit-down to grab-and-go, our culinary team and ongoing support help you make grains part of your big picture.

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Food Manufacturing Grains

We work with your food scientists to match our local and global grains to your flavor, nutrition and performance specs.

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