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Directly importing reduces cost. Lasting relationships with growers ensures quality. And with our experience navigating trade—from overseas to here at home—your grains will always be as perfect as you’d expect.


Thanks to strategic sourcing and a scaled business model, the value we give you is also passed on to your shoppers.

Ready for

Need sales insights? You’ve come to the right grains. We keep an eye on what’s popular today, what will be trending tomorrow, and which specialty grains can work in your store.


Every product goes through extensive testing and cleaning methods, and our facilities and packaging are GFSI (BRC) certified.

“Whether you need private label grains for the shelf or info on your customers’ dietary trends, we’ll be a lasting retail partner for as long as you need great grains.”

–Thomas Trull, VP Retail and Industrial Sales

InHarvest Wild Rice

See how this ancient grain is flexible enough to enhance any application.

Packaging Styles & Sizes

Two examples of retail packaging concepts
Stock Shelves with 3 Styles

Choose from 3 packaging styles in sizes ranging from 8 ounces to 5 pounds. Special requests welcomed.

STAND-UP POUCH: Sits upright and stable for display and storage.

BAG-IN-BOX: The strong bladder rests within a cardboard box.

PILLOW BAG (not pictured): Popular format with top, bottom and back seals.

New Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable PCR and recycle-ready packaging to help you meet sustainability goals while attracting eco-friendly shoppers.

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